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Services: Web Design & Development


Design Methodology

It is essential to establish a polished and professional look every website. Hexagon Technologies Inc. will establish a temporary area, out of view from the general public, to post design concepts for client approval. We will begin by creating three versions of the site main page. Upon approval of the strongest concept we will develop a consistent look for section headings, logo, footers and buttons.


Site Content

With an approved consistent look established the next step is to add content to the site. Generally clients will gather existing materials (pamphlets, forms, papers, photographs) and send them to us. We take the materials and ready them for the site. The content is then parsed out into individual web pages and assembled in a hierarchy which is easy to understand and to navigate. Site content is added to pages which have a consistent theme and look in terms of headers, footers and accent graphics like buttons and bullets.


Developing the Site

Upon name registration (or provision) we will establish the site. Generally we will put up an "under construction" page which announces the site will be coming soon. Then we begin to post the site pages behind the scenes so only us and our client can see the pages. This allows the client to see the progress as we build the site. Together we review the site on the phone or via email during the building process. When the site is complete we remove the "under construction" page and insert the site main page in its place and the site becomes open to the public. Throughout the process the client is involved in the design process!

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Web Design & Development Services:

  • Website Design

  • Flash Animation

  • E-Commerce Systems

  • Online Database Systems

  • Content Management

  • Custom Web application services

Our Expertise:

  • CGI / Perl

  • Macromedia Flash

  • HTML

  • Sun Java Technologies

  • Javascript

  • Microsoft ASP & .NET Technologies

  • PHP



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